June 20, 2019
1 Year, 2 months and 27 days left
until our celebration.

Welcome to the Johnson Family Reunion website!!

Welcome Johnson Family!

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This website has been created to provide the Johnson family with a way to share information about the 2017 Johnson Family Reunion. Apart from the reunion, this website allows our family to share memories of our families as well as past reunions. We certainly remember the fun we had in Las Vegas at the 2015 family reunion and in Orlando at the 2017 family reunion. We invite you to create your “Family Profiles”, post pictures in the family photo albums and share memories. 

Here are the highlights of the 2017 Johnson Family reunion in Orlando, Florida.
If you weren’t at the 2017 family reunion in Orlando then you missed an absolutely AWESOME time. No doubt about it!
The family meeting was held to discuss the key issues affecting the reunion. A special thanks goes out to all who came to the meeting and participated in the discussions. By majority vote, the following decisions were made:
  • Keep the reunion on the 3rd weekend of June (Thurs – Sat)
  • Keep the reunion website and ask 50 family members to chip in $9 pay for it
  • Keep the reunion committee format
  • Continue tradition of only reunion attendees voting for the next reunion location
  • The next reunion location will be New Orleans, La in 2019
The current volunteers for the 2019 reunion committee are:
Carmen Allen (co-chair)
Jerry Covington
Sherice Dionisio (treasurer)
Andrea Moore Godley
James Godley
Dareece Greer
Demetrius Greer
James Greer (co-chair)
Sonia Greer
Lillian “Tammy” Johnson
Brooklyn Watson

Other family members are encouraged to volunteer for the committee. Keep in mind that an odd number of committee members are needed for voting purposes so that there is never a tie.
At Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater, we used our collective skills to figure out who the killer was in the show. Even the youngest Johnsons were engaged in looking for clues then casting their votes. And we were treated to a surprise impromptu performance by Johnson cousin Sherry Lewis-Kissee as Flo Tyson in the show. Sherry was one of several audience members who were plucked from their seats to perform. Several Johnson cousins told me they really enjoyed this group event. It was something different. We dine together and laughed together.

At the Fun Spot America amusement park, the weather cooperated and most of the group hit the rides. Friendly family competition was observed over on the Go-cart tracks. In the VIP room, family members were challenged with trivia games and The Best Game. Lots of laughs were had in discovering who had the
best. A very tasty barbecue lunch buffet was served to our group on the Skydiner rooftop. The service to our group while at the park was excellent.

The family banquet kicked off with a wonderful dinner buffet. Then reunion prizes were awarded including and among others:
·         Most reunions attended – Sherry Lewis-Kissee
·         Came the farthest – Dominique Carr (Hawaii)
·         Oldest Johnson attending - Sherry Lewis-Kissee
·         Youngest Johnson attending – Ty’nave Godley

·         Longest married Johnson – Marsha Brown
·         Longest Johnson Spouse – Johnny Brown
·         Newest Johnson Spouse – Clyde Kissee

Andrea Moore Godley won the raffle for the Hilton Hotel gift card. Sherry Lewis-Kissee awarded the prizes for the Passport Game. The Passport Game had everyone guessing throughout the reunion.

Johnson cousin, Apostle Charles “Chuck” Watson, brought a powerful and moving message to our family as our guest speaker. Our audience was spellbound as he spoke. He charged each Johnson generation to step up and be all that we are called to be; to love one another and to always remember we are Johnsons.

Afterwards, we had a ceremony to commemorate the banquet theme “We Are One Family” and honor that Grandpa Jesse Rastine Johnson is the tie that binds us together. Purple bracelets were passed out by the first cousins to all other cousins attending as a reminder and keepsake of the tie that binds us together.

And then we played Family Feud. What an outrageously fun time that was!!! Even the hotel waiters were watching the game and rooting our teams on. Team ACL won the game and Team Cali is already calling for a rematch in New Orleans. To our emcee, scorekeepers and our judges…GREAT JOB!!!!
  • Team Cali: James, Ali, Sherice, Sonia and Dareece
  • Team ACL: Tammy, Angie, Renesha, Chuck and Alfred
  • Team Jewel’s Kitchen: Renee, Sherry, NaTasha, Anthony, Dominique
  • Team No Limit Soldiers: Charles, Christian, Kameron, Jerry and Kalen
  • Emcee: Demond Watson
  • Judges: Glenda McKnight and Codi Watson
  • Scorekeepers: Casey Watson and Amiyah Smith
In between all the scheduled events, there was plenty of time for sitting around talking, catching up with each other and taking pictures.
Family, a good time was indeed had by all.
Come back often to stay updated on the latest reunion news. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE FAMILY FUN!!!
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